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We love building relationships and finding new people, places and things! That Girl doesn't always know the latest happenings so reach out.  Want to create a partnership? Let's talk about it!

a few of our partners

The Bloom Creative


 We've partnered with The Bloom Creative!  Floral Design, Wine & Friends.  A local floral design group dedicated to building community by creating unique floral designs in the comfort of your home, office or event space.  You bring the wine if you choose, laugh a lot and create beautiful designs with your friends and family. If you don't think this is a great idea, maybe the name Meghan Markle rings a bell..yeah she loves every part of community and a good flower arrangement sesh!  

Zyia Active


  ZYIA Active is an active lifestyle brand. It is also a culture that believes in embracing activity with excitement, vigor and delight. We feel that pushing your body and mind is easier and more fun with friends and family. Our mission is to inspire and uplift by making activity a fun and essential part of life.  

 Most fabric used at Zyia is 4-way stretch fabric which helps with stretch ability, compression, form, fit and comfort. Zyia is always improving and investing in innovation and technology in it’s fabrics and designs. 

Whitley Performance


 We take your goals seriously and understand change can be difficult. Our mission is to help you break through those barriers and become your best. We analyze your health history, body type, body fat, nutritional status and training experience to create your individualized success plan. With 25 years in the game, Whitley Performance has built a reputation for creating healthy lifestyles for individuals of all ages. Not only that,  we take great pride in working with elite athletes to take them to the next level. Whether college bound or heading to the NFL, MLB, NBA, etc. programming is designed for each individual and their specific nutrition and performance needs.  

Andrea Farmer


My photography style is colorful, casual, fun, fresh and timeless.  I really hope to make people at ease so that your true genuine personalities can shine through. Because these portraits are about YOU and the people in your life you love more than anything else in the world.  These portraits will fill your walls and your home with light and love, smiling faces and wonderful, happy memories. What I most love focusing on is relationships, a family's love for one another and bringing out the best from within each of you so that your portraits portray your authentic selves at your very very best.  - Andrea 

The Best Homes


No matter where you are in Nashville, you know that Franklin and Thompsons Station have some of the most beautiful homes throughout Greater Nashville.  Quality homes near Dave Ramsey's new compound. Berry Farms and about 25 minutes from the heart of Nashville.  For families with children, the Williamson County school system happens to be the best in the state of Tennessee.  We guarantee you will want to build your pretty little home with Crescent.  We can't wait for you to meet Brittany Prince with Crescent as she will help make your home building experience fun, easy and well, an absolute dream!



I fell in love with Sierra when I had filler done incorrectly. Not only did she fix it, she created lips I loved.  She educated me on what each treatment does and allows me to do just what I need.  Some how she seems to know just how to do it! 

So yes, that is correct, she does the best lips in Nashville.  The best botox, filler and has incredible knowledge in skincare and how to treat your specific needs. 

You can find her to DM on Insta @nursesierra 

Make sure you check in with us weekly, check daily or hourly if you want to!  When we hear of some great deals or we find the best in Aesthetics, we want you to know.

Our Partners

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