Best Lips in nashville


I fell in love with Sierra when I had filler done incorrectly. Not only did she fix it, she created lips I loved.  She educated me on what each treatment does and allows me to do just what I need.  Some how she seems to know just how to do it! 

So yes, that is correct, she does the best lips in Nashville! The best botox, the best filler injectionsand has incredible knowledge in skincare and how to treat your specific needs. 

You can find her to DM on Insta @nursesierra set an appointment here.  

Make sure you check in with us weekly, check daily or hourly if you want to!  When we hear of some great deals or we find the best in Aesthetics, we want you to know.

The Best Hair and Make up Artist...


She is hands down the best of the best.  We could go on about all of the "celebrity" clients she works with but it's a secret. To her YOU are the celebrity. Whether you are looking for hair or makeup she is your go to.  So grateful she makes room for That Girl Knows! Click here to schedule your appointment now.